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Meet our Members

SEIU 775 members make a difference in the lives of so many people.

“I love the support I get from my Union brothers and sisters, and I’m glad I get to give back like this.”

Sunshine Lopez

SEIU 775 member since 2019

“Caregivers have always stood up for the right to justice, equality, and the right to live, be safe, and live a full life.”

Darryl Johnson

SEIU 775 member since 2006

Member Darryl Johnson
Didn’t feel a thing. I’m very thankful for my Union!”

Ed Solseng

SEIU 775 Member

“In SEIU 775, we ARE the Union, and if we have a problem, WE are the ones who can fix it ourselves.”

Desirae Hernandez

SEIU 775 member since 2015

“作为一名机构护理人员,我曾听说过 一些家庭护理机构所经历的困境。机构 中的人员充足时,就可以为我们护理人 员提供所需的支持来让我们完成工作, 这对我们的客户以及护理人员自身来说 都意味着更好、更安全的护理服务。”

Kandie Luo

SEIU 775 member since 2014

“It truly does pay to read and understand our union contracts. Coworkers and I found a section in our contract about additional overtime pay that we weren’t receiving. This discovery led to a large grievance settlement between our union and ResCare Residential, resulting in a nearly $3,500 payout to me alone—with most of my coworkers also winning hundreds of extra dollars!”

Fred Ochieng

SEIU 775 Member

“It’s a struggle, but when we stick together, we know we win.”

Rhonda Parker

SEIU 775 member since 2006

“I was excited to get vaccinated to protect my loved ones and residents, along with myself — because it’s been proven safe and effective.”

Shelly Hughes

SEIU 775 Member

SEIU 775 caregiver receives the COVID-19 vaccine
“By voting together, we can elect leaders who will prioritize quality home care, true equality, and good union jobs.”

Vicki Bickford

SEIU 775 member since 2011

Member photo

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