While the cloth masks you have also received are appropriate for outdoor trips, personal activities, and tasks like shopping and cooking, we encourage caregivers to use either surgical masks or N95 masks when providing direct care to your client. N95 masks are only effective when they are fit-tested, so you are strongly encouraged to do fit-testing.

How to order PPE:

  1. Online: Order PPE online here by filling out the required information (name, address, provider number, and number of clients).
  2. Phone or Email: Contact your local AAA or DDA. You only need to contact one person in your county, and you can call or send an email. If you are serving a Developmental Disability client, please contact Barb Uehara at pperequest@dshs.wa.gov or 360-407-1593.

Learn more about what type of mask to wear and when to wear it from the Benefits Group, but in general, caregivers are strongly encouraged to wear either a surgical mask and a face shield, or an N95 mask, when providing direct personal care to our clients.

Unless you or your client has a confirmed coronavirus diagnosis, the CDC recommends following everyday preventive actions, such as washing your hands, covering your cough, and staying home when you are sick.

If you are caring for someone who is sick with COVID-19, please read the COVID-19 Guidance for In-Home Caregivers with Limited Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Free gloves for caregivers are available to some IPs through their clients’ health benefit. Please visit the SEIU 775 Benefits Group webpage for instructions.