DSHS: Cloth Face Coverings Available for Individual Providers

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Shazia Anwar, a home care worker, stands in front of her Kent home Thursday. She has been caring for five clients throughout the coronavirus outbreak and works from 50-60 hours per week. (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)

The Seattle Times | May 11, 2020

They care for people ’round the clock in Washington state during the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s not forget them.

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Brittany Williams and her son wearing masks

Jezebel | May 8, 2020

Home Care Workers are the Mothers Lawmakers Ignore

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Desirae Hernandez, a caregiver in Kennewick, Benton County, stands with her client Scott Philbeck, 60, at his apartment complex, April 29, 2020. "It's been hard," says Philbeck, looking to Hernandez for suppport with expressing how things have been lately. "He doesn't get out much these days and the anxiety from that can be debilitating I've noticed. The masks create this additional layer of claustrophobic anxiety for my clients as well." (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Crosscut | April 30, 2020

With little PPE, in-home caregivers are essential but exposed

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Politico | April 26, 2020

Trump called PPE shortages ‘fake news.’ Health care workers say they’re still a real problem

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The Atlantic | April 14, 2020

‘The Reality Is, It’s Incredibly Hard’

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